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Jackie Galgey

Jackie Galgey has harbored a passion for writing since her childhood, when she crafted her own TV show reviews and established a pop culture website. With a background in esteemed publications such as The Washington Post and Cosmopolitan, and experience in the digital world of Twitter, Jackie has a diverse and rich history in the realm of storytelling. Driven by a desire to create enchanting tales that her two daughters, Gwen and Gabby, could relate to, she decided to pursue her long-cherished dream of becoming an author. Inspired by her little heroes, Jackie weaves stories that are filled with fun and imagination. She resides in New Jersey with her supportive husband and two lively daughters, where she continues to dream up captivating worlds for children to explore.


Jackie as a Kid

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Book series

Gwen and Gabby go to the Amusement Park Book

Let’s go to Crazy World!
Gwen and Gabby are spending the day at an amusement park with their parents. There is so much to do! But when faced with the biggest, baddest rollercoaster of them all, Gwen loses her courage.
Will Gwen be able to overcome her fears and take the ride of her life?
Find out in this fun and exciting story about cotton candy, river rides and rollercoasters. It promises to be the ride of a lifetime!

Gwen and Gabby visit Santa Claus Book

Santa Claus is coming to town!
Gwen and Gabby cannot wait to meet Santa. They have written down everything they want for Christmas. Gwen’s list is quite long, while Gabby keeps hers a secret.
Will the girls get everything they wished for? Discover the meaning of Christmas as the sisters learn that giving is much more fun than receiving. After all, it is the season to be jolly!

Gwen and Gabby get ready for Halloween Book

Everything is going wrong…Gwen and Gabby love Halloween. They have spent ages finding just the right costumes to wear while Trick-or-Treating. But when only Gabby’s outfit is delivered, Gwen fears the worst. Will Gwen’s costume come in time for Halloween? Find out what happens in this sweet story of compromise, candy and the joys of sharing. Don’t forget to brush your teeth!

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